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Our Mission Statement

To provide our customers a safe, clean and sufficient water supply through a reliable system that meets all State and Federal standards, while delivering great value at a reasonable cost.

The Ohio County Water District has served the surrounding area for almost 60 years by providing safe, clean drinking water to our customers. Our treatment facility was constructed and placed into service in 2011 utilizing the Green River as a source of raw water. The facility can produce 4 million gallons of water per day and consistently meets or exceeds state regulatory requirements for water quality. The water is delivered through the systems 650 miles of water lines including 6 water storage tanks and 5 pump stations.

We serve over 16,000 people directly and a total of 23,000 indirectly through 6,100 connections.  We are the 12th largest water district in the state.  We own and operate over 650 miles of pipe line that would stretch from Ohio County to New Orleans.  Our system spans 470 square miles which is larger than Hong Kong. 

Our Core Values:

  • to operate in a cost-effective manner resulting in the lowest reasonable rates;

  • to be fair, honest and responsive in meeting customer expectations;

  • to be a good steward of the utility assets and infrastructure, positioning ourselves to anticipate future needs and regulations;

  • to be a work force that values respect, safety, teamwork and professional development;

  • to be a strong member of the business community and an organization actively involved within the OCWD service area;

  • to seek to create collaborative partnerships where appropriate; and

  • to seek to produce water that meets or exceeds federal/state standards.

The above core values serve as the cultural foundation of the organization.  They embody the spirit and collective conscience of the OCWD and its employees.  Our core values describe how we fulfill our mission by representing the enduring ideals and principals that guide our actions.

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