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Ohio County Water District:
Scholarship Program

     The Ohio County Water District prioritizes the importance of education and its role in the success of future water utility professionals as they build their careers in the industry.  OCWD will offer a $500 scholarship to assist one high school senior each year.  The scholarship will promote education in the drinking water supply field and increase the OCWD’s community outreach and public education efforts.  The scholarship is renewable for up to four years if the recipient maintains eligibility requirements listed below:  
    1. Application must be postmarked no later than April 1.
    2. Applicant must:
        a. Be a resident of Ohio County or a dependent of an OCWD customer                                graduating from a public school, home school, or private school
        b. Be enrolling in a university or post-secondary schooling located in Kentucky
        c. Have a minimum high school GPA of 3.0
        d. Complete a current FAFSA report
        e. Be seeking a degree in one of the following fields of study:
                   i. Engineering
                  ii. Environmental Science
                 iii. Biology
                 iv. Business
                  v. Accounting
                 vi. Chemistry
                vii. Water Utilities Management
               viii. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
                 ix. Public Administration
                  x. Computer Science
    3. Maintain one of the required fields of study throughout their post-secondary                academic career to remain eligible.

Scholarship Details:

              1. Annual scholarship award amount $500. 
              2. Renewable for 4 years.
              3. Administered by OCWD staff with Board acting as the selection                                        committee. 
              4. Relatives of the OCWD staff and board will be eligible for this scholarship,                      but if those members are on the selection committee they must abstain                        from voting.
              5. All scoring of applicants will be on a “blind” basis. 


To submit your application for the

OCWD Scholarship Program,

please download this PDF.

Print out your form on plain white paper, fill in all requested information and mail it to:


 P.O. Box 207, 124 E Washington St, Hartford, KY 42347

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